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What Is The Price You Pay?

Posted By: Lisa Meade

The headlines reach out to us in the check out line. "Look 4 sizes smaller in 2 weeks." "40 year old woman shares how she dropped 60 pounds in 6 months." "Lose weight and still eat all the foods you crave." Somewhere deep inside we know it is a gimmick, we know there is a price to pay. Yet, still there is a part of us that longs to believe this time it will be different, it will work, we will pay the price, whatever that is, and get the results! In this article discover why one woman decides she is not willing to pay the price.

Why I Will Always Choose To Be A Little Fat

Author: Jamie Khoo

How we can all feel good about ourselves, whatever our size.

I saw an article a few weeks ago with this incredible before-and-after set of photos of an overweight, post-baby woman who then became totally “bikini-worthy.”

So I had to click the link, of course, to have a look. No question about it—the “after” photo of this woman was a stunning shot. She looked fit, toned, healthy and gorgeous. I read on, eager to discover what her secret was; what profound magical method it was that she had used to shed however-many-number of pounds.

There it was, a long and detailed tract of the super lean, restrictive diet she had put herself on for a year. No carbs, no dairy, no fruit, no nothing. The sample diet she had shared in the article seemed to consist of little more than hummus, celery and endless amounts of steamed fish. Healthy—yes. Exciting, delicious, fun lifestyle—no.

I decided in that moment that I would choose to continue being a little bit fat.