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Ten Sneaky Ways of Body Shaming

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Could we be involved in body shaming and not even know it? Body shaming has a sneaky way about it. It can be masked in what appears to be on the surface level concern, or avoidance, or even through insincerity. Once we become aware of what is behind some of these behaviors or how these choices have long lasting effects on someone we may put forth the effort to change the patterns we have fallen into. This blog post explores ten of the most common ways body shaming can happen without our even realizing it.


Author: Ragen Chastain

1. Saying Things Like, “She Would Be So Pretty If…” 

Have you ever uttered anything along the lines of, “But she has such a gorgeous face” or “She would be more beautiful if she put on a few pounds”? You are limiting your idea of beauty to a cultural stereotype. Beauty is not conditional. If you can’t say anything nice, maybe it’s time to learn how.

2. Judging Other People’s Clothes 

While it’s fine for you to choose clothes any way you want, nobody else is required to adhere to your style. The person wearing that outfit is, in fact, pulling it off, even if you think she’s too flat chested, big chested, short, tall, fat or thin. And fat people don’t have to confine themselves to dark colors and vertical stripes, no matter who prefers it. And spandex? It’s a right, not a privilege.

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