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The Shame Game


Posted By: Lisa Meade

There is an awful lot of shame out there! Shame about the food we eat, the size of our body, the shape of our eyes, the texture of our hair; shameful. And the beauty industry wraps us up in all its offers to remove us from our shame. All the while they know the solutions that they offer will only fail us and we become even further entrenched in our shame. And so the cycle continues; shame, seek unrealistic solution, spend money, fail, and feel even worse shame.

Meanwhile, the results of this shame keep us disconnected from our beauty, our brilliance, our body, and our happiness. The more disconnected we feel the more we listen less to our inner truth and seek the "wisdom" of those who supposedly know us better than we know ourselves. So we find that instead of listening to our body's messages about what foods serve it best, we go on a diet that restricts our calories to the point of starving. Or instead of appreciating the way our body gifts us with strength and stamina on our powerful legs, we buy body cinching undergarments that promise to make us one size smaller.

This shame game has to stop. We will never win at it. The only way to win is to walk away from it, one step at a time. Surround yourself with others who are ready to quit playing too. Have conversations that focus on what you are good at, what is amazing about you, what you have learned by listening to your body's needs or how you are good enough just as you are! No more waiting to reach a certain number on the scale, no more letting the size on the label inside your dress dictating your mood for the day, no more canceling plans because you think you are having a bad hair day! No more shame.

One step at a time, one positive thought, one change in your perspective and each will bring you further and further out of the game. Then, the real beauty begins! You become engaged in life! You see the beauty in others. You find a freedom from all the control that this game has had over you. You play by YOUR rules now!

Imagine! Imagine if each of us pulled out of the shame game. What on earth would the industry do? No one to buy their ridiculous products. No one to leaf through their crazy magazines of Photoshopped images that create standards that even the models in the pictures can't obtain. No one to dump money into their pockets so that they can pay someone to come up with a new and bigger twist to the shame game for you to get trapped in. No one to play with.