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The Power of Choice

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Addressing miss-matched and odd combinations of clothing choices is not a battle this mother chooses to have with her daughter. Instead, she applauds her daughter's right to make choices about her personal identity. In a society that is continually dictating how women should dress, look and act, here is a viewpoint on fostering power in a child's choice making. By allowing her daughter's opinion on how she will look be more important than others, the author feels she is helping her daughter build a positive body image and powerful decision making skills.

Why I Let My Daughter Wear Whatever She Wants

Author: Kasey Edwards

On a recent visit to her grandparents, my 4-year-old daughter Violet decided to wear her favorite skirt. It’s also the most stained, torn, and tattered skirt she owns. But I let her. 

Same goes for when she opts to wear to kindergarten a bedazzled long black number with a pink frilly fishtail at the bottom. It wouldn’t be out of place on “Toddlers and Tiaras,” but I bite my tongue. 

Would I prefer she selects clothes from her wardrobe instead of her dress-up box? Yes. 

Do I get embarrassed at her often hideous and inappropriate clothing combinations? Regularly. 

Would I change anything? Not a chance.


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