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The Incredible Shrinking Plus Size Model

Posted By: Lisa Meade

What is your definition of plus size? What size would you expect a model to wear in that category? In a recent study a plus-sized model wearing two different outfits, one that highlighted her curves and showcased them and another that hid them and made them less obvious, had results that were quite surprising. Is it any wonder that the plus size industry can use models that wear a size 10? Read more about this study and the results here.

Plus-Size Models Aren't Necessarily Plus-Size Anymore

Author: LeeAnn Duggan

Plus-size ain't what it used to be. Despite the fact that fuller-figured models like Crystal Renn and Ashley Graham are landing covers, campaigns, runway shows, and generally enjoying more mainstream acceptance than ever before, there's evidence that plus-size models' measurements have actually been sneaking downward for a while. In fact, even among plus-size women, there may be a preference for models on the slimmer end of that spectrum.

According to The Huffington Post, PLUS Model Magazine and SWAK, a plus-size-clothing boutique, recently posted two different photos of plus-size model Alex LaRosa to their Facebook page and asked fans to vote for their favorite. One picture highlighted LaRosa's curves with a body-con dress, while the other downplayed her size with a more conservative outfit and pose. Votes were split right down the middle — surprising, since one might expect a plus-size audience to favor the image of LaRosa proudly rocking her full-figured bod.

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