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Banning The Body Bully

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Of the many struggles a mother faces in her day, her body acceptance should not be one of them. Yet, 73% of mothers worry about their appearance on a daily basis. In this article from the TODAY SHOW this mother of five explores how regardless of all that her body does for her, her dissatisfaction in her body is a struggle. It is a stretch for her to find a kind thought about her body. Her body bully is hard to overcome! How do we learn to quiet this inner voice? How do we challenge it and feel victorious? How do we embrace the beauty of our body?

Quieting the Bully Within: Struggling to Love My Mom Body

Author: Jordana Horn

After having three kids in three years, I’m finding it hard to love this body that’s done so much for me.       

On one level, my body is pretty amazing. It’s pushed out five kids in all, without too much difficulty, and for that I am truly grateful. I have 20/20 vision, and hair that at age 40 has yet to need color treatments. My brain may not be Einstein’s, but it’s served me well. I have hands that touch type speedily, and remember how to play songs on piano and guitar. I have a voice that people still tell me is great in a karaoke venue. I go through my day without pain. Overall, you’d think I have no arguments with my body.

But at four months postpartum, I’m still sporting maternity pants or stretchy leggings. My body doesn’t look the way I want it to look. I signed up for a fitness challenge recently, and while the lunges and squats have been hard, it’s actually been much harder for me to have to look at my own body in the workout room mirrors.

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