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The Ugly List Goes On

Posted by: Lisa Meade

Over 91% of women are dissatisfied with their body and amazingly studies show that only 5% of women have the body type that is portrayed by mass media. There seems to be this ongoing list of why we feel so badly about our body image. Hugely because of the unrealistic and unobtainable standards, for most, that seem to dictate today’s beauty definitions. What list do you have that makes up the reasons of why you may feel so bad about your body?


5 Things That Make Women Feel Bad About Their Bodies.

Author: Anna Brones

Let’s have a serious conversation about body image.

According to one study, 91 percent of women aren’t satisfied with how they look. Why is that? Because we have a culture of mass media that makes us feel inadequate about our bodies. As it turns out, only about 5 percent of women have the body type that’s portrayed in mass media — we’re sprinting after an unattainable ideal and getting burnt out in the process. We need to do something to change that. We need to promote active, healthy lifestyles that empower women. We need to value women as leaders and role models and not sex objects. We need to teach women that they have value.

There’s plenty to complain about in the mass media when it comes to women’s body image, but here are five examples of what’s leading us to feel bad about ourselves.

1. We don’t value healthy, active bodies

Everyone, whether they are a man or a woman, should feel inspired to live a healthy, active lifestyle. Unfortunately, often the female ideal for what is the perfect body has nothing to do with health. Harper’s Bazaar recently highlighted this issue when it ran an article titled “Is Spinning Making You Fat?” It turns out that some women are quitting spin classes because it doesn’t give them the body they want; apparently bigger quads, thighs and butt aren’t the cultural sign of being in shape, they just make you fat. A celebrity trainer quoted in the article actually said that he forbids spin classes for his clients that are fashion models.

Apparently muscular women is not the waifish look the fashion industry wants to have, which in turn can easily give the rest of us women a complex about what we look like, even if we intellectually know that we’re working out and taking care of our bodies.

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