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Moms, Daughters And Photoshop

Posted By: Lisa Meade

How do we as mothers keep our body image wounds from hurting our daughter's body acceptance. In a world where beauty is valued above most anything else, it is hard. Knowing we are our daughter's first and most influential role model, how do we model body acceptance of our own bodies? In this article one mom explores this struggle and brings her awareness that her relationship with her body will hugely influence her daughters perspective.

Raising a Teenager: Photoshop, media, body image

Author: Jennifer Lance

The statistics are scary. Even with discussion, the constant bombardment of fake "perfection" has its toll on our self-image.

Our culture values beauty.   Beautiful people have an advantage. Beauty does not alway equate to kindness, and I firmly believe inner beauty can shine out and make anyone more beautiful.

That being said, we live in a culture where our teenage girls (and younger) are bombarded with fake images of beauty. We are too.

There’s been a lot of videos circulating lately that show the before and after photos of celebrities. It is important we watch these videos with our girls (and boys) and discuss them. Why do we feel the need to view artificial beauty?

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