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Make up or Mark up?

Posted by Lisa Meade

Do you remember when you first started experimenting with make up? What were the reasons? Are they the same today as they were then? For some, make up is a form of creative self-expression, while for others it has become a mask they cannot leave home without. Others use it to bring comfort to their lives and some use it to enhance. This is not about whether you wear make up or not, but about the why? It is just part of the dilemma women are faced with daily and part of this conversation.

Why I'm Glad I Never Learned How To Use Makeup

Author: Kit Steinkellner

I still remember walking through the halls of my high school, glancing around at all the perfectly polished and put-together girls, and wondering: “How come all these other girls look like CoverGirls and I just look like...a girl?”

Those girls looked like more-than-just-girls because they knew how to do their makeup. And hair. They knew how to pick jeans that made their butts look Kardashian-level awesome. They knew exactly which trends to follow to ensure they always looked effortlessly cool; and, perhaps even more valuable, they knew exactly which trends were looked stupid. I knew how to do exactly none of these things. 

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