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Body Shame For Short Shorts

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Imagine the humiliation of having to stand in front of your class and arms at your sides while your vice principal checks the length of your shorts via "the fingertip length test". You shorts have to be longer than your fingertips can reach. When one student questioned this dress code policy and challenged the message by bringing voice to her beliefs, she was chastised even further. But let's face it, the underlying message of shorts being distracting to the male students only deepens the message that boys objectify girls.

Teen Chastised for Wearing Shorts to School Launches Anti-Shaming Protest

Author: Liz Dwyer

A Canadian teen who was publicly chastised by high school officials for wearing shorts has a suggestion for educators: Stop shaming girls for what they’re wearing, and do something about boys’ behavior. That’s the message 15-year-old Lindsey Stocker plastered across her Montreal campus after two administrators declared in front of her entire third-period class that her attire did not fit the dress code.

Stocker told the CBC that two vice-principals entered her classroom at Beaconsfield High School and made students stand up for a clothing inspection. Girls in the room were, in front of everyone, subjected to the infamous “fingertip length” test—when a girl or woman is standing with her arms by her sides, the length of her clothing must be longer than the place on her thighs where the tips of her fingers reach.

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