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Is Your Inner Critic Born From Fear?

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Everyone of us has that inner critic. That voice that seems to taunt and badger us about our short comings, reminds us of our not good enoughs, and emphasizes all our flaws. Finding a way to silence this voice is a big challenge faced by many. Perhaps the way to deflate this voice is in understanding from where it comes from. Could it be fear? Could we be fearful that we can't be perfect, fear we could be beautiful and brilliant, fear we are enough?

A Simple - But Not Easy- Antidote To Negative Body Image

Author: Lynn Shattuck

If you have ever hated your body, you might recognize this voice.

It sounds like this, when I am on a run, feeling tired and a little dizzy: Keep running, it burns more calories. You’re flabby. What are we going to eat for lunch? You should just eat mostly vegetables. Remember how skinny you got when you were on that elimination diet after your son was born? Ugh, she has big boobs. Why are my boobs the first place I lose weight and the last place I gain? I really need to lose about seven pounds. My ass is giving itself whiplash.

It still pipes up at mealtime sometimes.

At the gym, it hollers.

When the voice hisses, I miss so much. I miss the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and the bare tree limbs stretching towards the sun. I miss the taste of warm, sweet coffee swirling in my mouth. One day, the voice appeared when I was weighing myself at my parents’ house, and for a moment, in humid anticipation of what the scale would say, I forgot about my infant daughter, sitting at my feet on the bathroom floor.

To look at me, you might not know I have this voice. I am not overweight, nor am I rail thin. But the disease that encompassing self-loathing, food addiction and obsession, and body and weight obsession doesn’t always show up on our bodies. It largely exists somewhere you can’t see, in our minds.

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