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Fat Shamed Into Risky Behavior

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Apparently this is quickly becoming a behavior of many larger figured women. They are putting their health and safety aside for the chance for intimacy often without any kind of protection, for fear of being rejected. Unfortunately, with such a poor body image, there is a belief that they are undeserving of the respect and safe practices of someone of a smaller size. How far will fat shaming go?

Fat Shamed to Death

Author: Janice Fuller-Roberts

I write an advice column for a website dedicated to sexual health and pleasure for women of color. I recently received a letter that really struck a chord from a self-described “overweight, Black woman in her late 30s”. She admitted being aware of the dangers of unprotected sex, but kept finding herself in situations where her male partners refused to use condoms. Because of her age and size, she believed her dating options to be severely limited and so she felt pressured to oblige these men, worried they might be her only chance for love and intimacy. In other words, she felt that “beggars can’t be choosers.”

I’ll admit that my first reaction was shock. It’s the 21st century, AIDS is over 30 years old here in the U.S. and we’re still talking to grown folks about using condoms?

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