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Do You Remember?

Posted by Lisa Meade

At what age did you first have awareness of your body image relationship with your body? For most of us it happens in our early childhood as we begin to compare ourselves to our siblings, our parents and our peers. It begins innocently enough, but quickly media steps in and we begin to become influenced by outside sources. Girls as young as the age of 4 and 5 years old know what going on a diet means. They sell high healed shoes in toddler sizes. And so it goes. We are bombarded with ideas and products that are supposed to help us feel good about ourselves. The author in this article shares her realization of this fact and how it influenced her life.

How I Learned to See My Body

Author: Jessica Halepis

Snow is falling at a rapid pace. It blurs my field of vision. It seeps into the inner corners of my eyes. I stand there, still as the landscape, and watch as it sinks tree limbs and collects in crevices like clusters of down. The sky, the air and the earth are all the same shade of white, and for one small moment, I disappear, too.

Prior to a couple of years ago, I never thought of myself as someone who was influenced by the pulls of popular culture. I remember sitting in a Women's Studies class at my liberal arts college and watching the professor showing a slide of a provocative fashion ad. I think it was Versace or something of that sort. She, the professor, was trying to make us see an underlying message of female subordination. But I simply could not, at the time, make the connection between my world and the one where dark-eyed 15-year-old girls, bony and frail, slunk into shadows, erotically positioned. I was quick to brush it off it as feminist hoopla, and I wanted no part of it.

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