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Body Image And Partners

Posted By Lisa Meade

Is your body image in some way tied to your relationship with your partner? Do some give away control of their body image to a controlling or to a highly supportive partner? Externalizing our value and worth to the dynamics of our relationships is a trap that some fall into. What would happen to our relationship dynamics if we practiced radical self-acceptance? This article poses these questions and more.

When Your Body Image Is Based On How Your Partner Sees You

Author: Samantha Eyler

Why do we women feel the need to connect our body image to our dynamics with our significant others? By doing so, we externalize our own self-worth, making it fragile and dependent on other people.

We all been there, haven’t we, or is it just me and Christina Sturdivant over at xoJane? On Monday, Sturdivant wrote a piece entitled “I Love My Boyfriend, But I Don’t Love My Relationship Weight.” It was about how finding herself with a new love in her life—with the corresponding Chinese take-outs and brownie sundaes—has blissed her out so much that she no longer fits into most of her jeans.

To explain this phenomenon, she refers us to Urban Dictionary’s entry on boyfriend weight:

"Gaining weight while with your significant other due to non-stop eating binges for anniversaries, birthday celebrations, or complete boredom."

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