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Body Hair Is Natural, Not the Pits

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Who decides what parts of our body are beautiful and what parts are not? The body has hair in a variety of places. Within today's body image standards, smooth baby-like hairless bodies are deemed beautiful and many will go to extremes to keep their bodies that way. But what if we found body hair acceptable or even beautiful? One photographer used this question to find the answer within his photos.

Body hair is natural, NOT gross: Striking images of women with unshaven underarms protest conventional standards of beauty

Author: Margot Peppers

A striking photo series of women showing off their underarm hair is challenging the conventional standards of beauty.

London-based photographer Ben Hopper recruited dozens of models and actresses to grow out their body hair for the Natural Beauty series, with the aim of proving that women don't need to conform to society's expectations in order to be attractive.

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