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BAM! The Body Acceptance Movement

Posted By: Lisa Meade

Body acceptance movements are occurring all over the globe. And who couldn't benefit from being a part? Both women and men alike are taking a stand to accept and appreciate their body as it is, regardless of what the media shows or the beauty industry dictates. Finding ways to offer support to those who struggle with body acceptance has hit the colleges across America as well. Studies show that as much as 75% of college age students are dissatisfied with their body in some way. For many who are taking a stand, it feels like an epidemic that they are fighting.

Body dissatisfaction skews body image

Author: Joslyn Abrams

As you stare down at the latest issue of your favorite magazine and see the muscular, tanned, perfectly sculpted Adonis’s — the angular faces, and concaving stomach that lead into tree-like long, skinny legs on the size-zero fashion models — do you find yourself pinching those love handles you been meaning to eliminate? Nowadays we are bombarded with so many images of what is “in” and what is acceptable to society that our bodies are unintentional construction zones.

Body acceptance is not only a major issue today — it’s a movement. Groups all over the world are joining together to fight this epidemic affecting not only females but males worldwide.

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