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Below are your downloadable audio meditations which can be download through the link or played directly from this page.

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Welcome to the #StopTheBeautyMadness 10-week audio series. Thanks again for joining us! 

Bonus Audio Meditation #1

There Is Nothing Wrong With You: A Guided Meditation With Robin Rice

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Robin's "There Is Nothing Wrong With You" guided meditation has been played around the world as a video through Now, you can get the audio download of the meditation for all your devices. This meditation has been used by countless women to create change in their lives. Many use it daily in times of challenge and report exceptional peace and tranquility as their new life emerges - she hopes you use it to #stopthebeautymadness within your own mind. 

Bonus Audio Meditation #2

Honoring The Body: A Guided Meditation with Lisa Meade

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Are you honoring your body for the beauty that it is? In this guided meditation Lisa Meade walks you through your body as if it were a temple, opening the "doors" and letting in freshness while removing the cluttering thoughts that no longer serve. Each "room" of your body will be honored for its beauty and its gifts. Within this meditation you will find peaceful energies that will sweep through you and bring a new light to the shadows and an appreciation to the wonders of your beautiful body.

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